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Drops is a prototype project for a Drupal blogging back-end. It replaces the daunting admin section and delivers a pretty and distraction free environment for writers, without loosing any of the power and scalability of Drupal CMS. Drops comes with a standard front-end theme but can be used with any theme.

We replaced the boring Drupal login page with a basic but more friendly front door. Drops login screen On login, users are redirected straight to the dashboard where all main content and functions are found. Written articles are sorted on post date and a preview of the article is delivered when clicked all without page refresh. The menu is jQuery driven and focuses on a smooth user experience. Content overview Drupal is known for versatility and customizability but not for its intuitive user interface and out-of-the-box prettiness. We redesigned the add-content page for articles completely so it would show all the useful bits when and where you need it. Your writing is auto-saved every ten seconds. New content screenEdit existing content