After getting the stylish welcome screen of Laravel 5 (find it here, I was confident that Laracasts ( would get me up to speed with all the technologies I was not aware of while reading the docs. The videos are to the point, easy to work along with, and they don't make assumptions about the knowledge and expertise of the viewer.

If you just happened upon this page without reading my neat introduction, you can find it here

On learning

This is a quick tip on Drupal 7 views and formatting an address field. Address field has only one widget with a standard formatter. When selected in a view, it will deliver the whole address in one pre-defined html block. There are many reasons, however, why we would like to output the different parts of an address in a view. Theming is but one example, but maybe you want to build a csv data export of addresses, or put the different parts in a sortable table, or you want to display the country only and leave all the other stuff out.

An icon theme for Ubuntu I have been working on for my own entertainment and esthetical pleasure is now released as a work in progress on github.

Little things like a split second delay between a normal state and hover state image on buttons can just ruin the entire user experience of a website. It's sad, but that's just how neurotic we are!

Although it has been around for quite a while, I recently discovered IFTTT, a web application that makes an honest attempt to make the social media craziness a little less crazy.

Command line tips for the lazy.

I'm not sure if lazy is the right word if one spends a full day in finding out how to automate a small repetitive task that would have cost you half an hour, and you might never need again. Maybe I should rephrase. 'Command line tips for the crazy'. Anyway, this is a mini post for those of you who are not very familiar with bash and the command line, but need to convert lots of svg files to png or psd. (these insctructions are for linux, but should apply to windows too somehow)

Everyone likes search_api. And when you have a search page, there is usually no reason why you wouldn't add facets to it. Easy as pie, search_api and facetapi are two modules that just work.