An icon theme for Ubuntu I have been working on for my own entertainment and esthetical pleasure is now released as a work in progress on github.

I have been using the circle based icon theme Malyss Uniblack for a while, but I only used the folder icons and skipped the applications. I found them too similar in color and style to really work for me when I am moving back and forth between applications. Since then I have been adding circle based icons to my personal theme just to create a more enjoyable working experience for myself. At this moment there are 19 icons for applications, and 10 icons for places and folders. They are meant to be used in Gnome shell, but should work for Unity or other interfaces as well. I plan to add icons as I go along, depending on the time I have to work on it, and on the encouragement and support I get from the community. When the icon pack is a little more complete I will post it to sites such as DeviantArt and GnomeLook, but for the moment I leave it here and on GitHub, for those lucky ones who stubble by my website!

How to use these icons? Extract the archive, or clone the repository in your home icon folder: ~/.local/share/icons. Then select the icon theme with your usual theme selector. That would be Gnome Tweak Tool ( for Gnome Shell.

Download from GitHub:


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