Learning Laravel - part I

On learning

The reason why I started developing for the web is my passion for learning new things. If I can figure something out and do it myself (and if I find the time to do it) you won't catch me paying someone else to do the job. Simply because I like the process of learning something new. Web development, coding and the internet in general is the ideal playground for a self-taught person like me. It's a moving target in fast paced, virtual environment, constantly improved and expanded by people who are working together in the most efficient way imaginable. My first projects were websites I needed for myself but soon I made websites for other people. Static HTML didn't cut it anymore so I started tinkering with Drupal. From the top layers I worked myself deeper and deeper into the framework, getting my hands dirty with basic PHP while perfecting my CSS skills and fiddgeting with Jquery and Javascript. And while I learned about vendor prefixes, media queries and browser compatibility my projects got bigger and I needed to find new tools for enhancing productivity, for automation, version control, etc. I became a git enthousiast, a Sublime Text themer, a bash script fiddler and a SASS nerd.

I learned everything from tutorials, videos and nerdy weblogs so it is natural to want to give back once in a while. Sometimes I publish a quick write-up of things that were especially hard to figure out for me, or when I didn't find a good tutorial on a thing I know how to do. But this time I decided to take a different approach and start writing before knowing how to do it: my goal is to learn Laravel and I'm going to write about the process of figuring it out as I go along.


Ironically, I learned about Laravel on a Drupal meet-up. The topic of the meet-up was developing, testing and staging environments for Drupal and I was happy to hear that my freelance development practices were pretty tight and close to the way a legitimate Drupal agency would work. I was also happy to hear that most of the professionals in the meeting got the same headaches as I get sometimes working with Drupal. One of the younger developers who worked with Drupal all day every day brought up Lavavel and praised its clarity, simplicity, and the quality of its documentation. As he was recommending the framework to his fellow Drupal comrades I almost felt sorry he clearly didn't have time to invest in this new and exciting project he discovered. Anyway, it got my attention and here we are. I will dive into Laravel and for my own pleasure and documentation I will write a little piece about the journey. Hope you will enjoy it too!


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