The best way to get satisfying results for the client as well as the developer is through transparent and ongoing communication. We will discuss the objectives of your project, your expectations and your criteria for success. Your clear goals and our expertise will result in a strong project that stays within the limits of your budget.

Project Monitoring

For keeping a clear overview of the project clients will receive access to a platform for project management. Particle in a Box uses Redmine for tracking projects, an open source tool for multi-project management with issue tracking, tasks, time tracking and archiving of documents relevant to the project(PDF, Word, or Wiki). Transparency is key at every step of the development process and we consider a project management tool like Redmine indispensable.

You will have at your disposal

  • An overview of tasks and issues, with the ability to add comments
  • Real-time reports and task monitoring
  • Project documentation management (meeting report, specifications, functional specifications, etc.)

Access to your the work in progress

No more confusion between what you expect and what will be delivered. You have access to the development server for the whole of your site development. You can leave feedback and reactions by email or on the Redmine platform. You control the success of your project in real time.

Version control

For backing up our code and version control we use Git. Version control is a term from software development where it is essential to keep track of every line of code over time between teams of developers. A good version control system will keep your code safe at all times and nothing is ever lost. Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.


Last but not least, we are very fond of a Drupal module called Features. Ordinarily Drupal uses the database a lot to store settings, which makes your site vulnerable and hard to maintain. Features takes a big part of these settings out of the database and into the code where they belong. In human terms that means that your site is easy to update and always recoverable. Features makes sure your content is safe in the database, while the settings are safe in the code base.