Particle in a Box Web development

Particle in a Box and Drupal

We love to build web pages with a CMS like Drupal, even for smaller projects. Setting up a Content Management System like Drupal is easy for an experienced developer and it has tons of benefits for both client and developer. Some of the reasons to consider Drupal for your next project:

  • You control your own content without the need of a programmer.
  • A platform like Drupal is highly scalable and grows along with you.
  • Page structure is logical and easily recognizable for search engines like Google
  • A user base: by now many people have adopted the platform and there are forums and IRC channels with people who can help if you should run into trouble.
  • Choose from a myriad of contributed extensions and plugins to build your wildest
Drupal is supported by a community of 630,000+ developers who deliver excellent contributed modules for any purpose imaginable. In the unlikely case you need a feature too specific for this myriad of possibilities, the modular architecture of Drupal makes it very easy to extend its basic functions. The sky is the limit: search index with Solr integration, facets search, customizable user profiles, a webshop with secure payment gateways, maps, social media integration and the rest. You name it, it's Drupal.


SEO and the semantic webDrupal core is built for the semantic web, which means that your pages are machine readable, Google friendly and future proof. But apart from the stuff that comes in the box, there are still more tools readily available and maintained by the open source community to push your content to the top of Google search results. Meta tags and Page titles are all managed easily from contributed modules.


Based on your ideas, your product, business or person, particle in a box makes quality custom designs and Drupal themes that comply with modern web standard and Drupal best practices. responsive designI also produce Drupal themes from pdf documents, or from third party designs, and have adopted the habit of building themes on the underlying architecture of Adaptive Themes, which makes them fully responsive, easy to maintain and update, and easy to manage.


Are you running a website with Drupal, and need help? I offer support for websites built on Drupal 6 and 7. Drupal 8 is pretty stable by the time of this writing, but a lot of Drupal 8 contributed modules aren't and we prefer to build production sites on firm ground. read more about: Drupal: Drupal 7 and the semantic web: